Sampat Nehra, Ph D

She has obtained her Masters Degree and PhD from University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. She has 20 years of Research experience in the field of Microbial Biotechnology, Desert Microbiology, Water research, Plant Pathology, Bio-control and Biodiversity . She was awarded DBT-PDF from IISC Bangalore. She is presently working on plant- microbial interaction, host- parasite relationship, water research and desert microbes. Dr. Nehra has published more than 100 Research papers and articles of National and International repute and has edited & authored 14 books from National and International publishers. She has completed several research projects sponsored by DST, DBT, CSIR and UGC. Dr. Nehra has honored by Bahadur Shah gold medal, Young scientist gold medal, woman scientist gold medal, J C Bose Gold Medal and awarded with M J Narasimhan Academic merit award, KPV Menon certificate of merit, M S Swaminathan merit certificate, S C Dixit merit certificate and many other reputed awards in the field of research. She was woman scientist of the year in 2005 and 2009. She is fellow scientist and life member of many scientific agencies. She was speaker Akashvani AIR, Jaipur on science for many years. She was national level sportsperson and in her early age she got all rounder award from Govt. of Rajasthan. Dr. Nehra is co-ordinating student Training and Projects in the Institute.

Selected Publications

  1. Sampat Nehra, R.K.Gothwal and P.Ghosh. 2014. Book-Biodiversity in India: Assessment, Scope and Conservation, Lambert Academic Publishing(LAP), Germany
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  4. Sampat Nehra, 2014. Book- Plant Disease Management and Microbes, Aavishkar Publisher & Distributor, Jaipur, India
  5. Sampat Nehra, 2013. Book -Arbuscular Mycorrhizae in crop production, Pointer Publisher & Distributor, Jaipur, India
  6. Sampat Nehra, 2013. Book -Medicinal Plants: Chemistry and Properties, Aavishkar Publisher & Distributor publication, Jaipur, India
  7. Sampat Nehra and Poonam Meena 2009. Book - Biotechnology: Application in human health care, Aavishkar Publisher & Distributor, Jaipur, India .
  8. Sampat Nehra 2006. Book- Pollution management, Aavishkar Publisher & Distributor, Jaipur, India.
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