Medical Biotechnology

  • Detection of mutations in the genes for telomerase reverse transcriptase (TERT) & Measurement of telomere length in patients apparently acquired aplastic anemia
  • Whole Exome sequencing reveals rare variants linked to congenital pouch colon
  • Study of pouch colon affected pro-bands in Rajasthan
  • Whole Exome sequencing of prostate cancer subjects specific to India
  • Rapid multiplex PCR based detection of water borne human bacterial pathogens
  • Dissecting Vitamin K Pathways in human subjects using next generation sequencing (NGS)

Microbial Biotechnology

  • Increased guar gum production, disease suppression and plant development by treatment of Rhizobacteria in cluster bean to enhance the economy of Rajasthan
  • Bacterial profiling of Bisalpur drinking water distribution system: A comparative study from the source to the tap
  • To develop a rank based tool to design desired PCR primers
  • To develop an algorithm for online analysis of different oligonucleotide frequencies at genome level
  • To develop an online tool to study interaction specificity in protein ligand complex
  • Development of a microbial process to convert chitin into N-acetylglucosamine

Natural Resource Management

  • Thematic mapping on 1:10K scale under space based information support for decentralized planning
  • Metallogeny and crustal evolution in Rajasthan
  • Geoenvironmental studies in the Banas drainage basin, Rajasthan
  • Studies on intracratonic deformation and landform development in Central Aravalli terrain using space imagery
  • Study of fluvial geomorphology and tectonics of the Khari-Mashi drainage basin for database preparation and ground water recharge capability assessment
  • Preparation of ground water prospect map of Rajasthan and Jharkhand
  • Tectono-thermal evolution of crustal-scale thrust and shear zone in SE Rajasthan